About 1-Stop Model Shoots
  • Amazing. Everyone worked really well together. Amazing hair, stylist, lighting, models. Other photographers were really cool.
    Adam B., photographer
  • It was great... We got a lot of individual time with the models.
    O.W., photographer
  • Thanks again for yesterday's photo shoot. Working with you all has been a pleasure.
    Martina C., model
  • Lots of great creative energy at this shoot and out-of-the-box thinking. Having a make-up artist, hair styist and wardrobe stylist made a huge difference. Already looking forward to the next!
    Chan, photographer
  • I had a great time and it was enjoyable and educational working in such a fast paced, well-structured, and positive environment. Everyone present today was so pleasant and easy to work with.
    Nicole M. Carroll, model
1-Stop Model Shoots offers scheduled shoots in the New York City area for those photographers interested in studio photography and shooting models in studio. These group shoots are geared toward any serious photographer (from student to aspiring professional) looking to build their portfolio and gain experience from a live model shoot.

These shoots offer a "1-Stop" approach for photographers; providing experienced models, makeup artist, lighting equipment, backgrounds and wardrobe at each shoot - all at a fraction of the cost of setting-up the shoot yourself. All you need to bring with you is your camera.

Additionally, attendees have a chance to network with other photographers, share ideas with each other and connect with models and crew (makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists) for any future personal shoots.

Each photographer is permitted to use the images for self-promotion only (such as print and online work) and must sign a waiver at each shoot agreeing to this.

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